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the official municipality key (AGS), in former times also official municipality characteristic number (GKZ) or municipality code number, is a number sequence for the identification of politically independent municipalities or municipality-free areas.

Other nomenclatures for the demarcation of areas are z. B. the postal zip code or the GROOVES - code. In marketing also Nielsengebiete are used.

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it serves above all statistic purposes and becomes in Germany of the statistic offices of the individual Lands of the Federal Republic uniformly assign.

The municipality key is z. B. with the change of residence on the notice of departure and/or. To indicate registration. It becomes however i. D. R. registered from the respective residents' registration office in the city hall.


of the municipality keys consists of altogether 8 numbers, which sit down together as follows:

The first two numbers designate the Land of the Federal Republic, 3. Number designates the governmental district (with countries without governmental districts here a 0 stands except with Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxonia-Anhalt and Lower Saxony, which dissolved its governmental districts only in the last years), the 4. and 5. Numberdesignate the urban area (circle-free city) and/or. the district (circle) and the 6. , 7. and 8. The municipality or a municipality-free area marks number.


08 1 11 000 = Stuttgart

  • 08 Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • 1 governmental district Stuttgart
  • 11 urban area Stuttgart
  • 000 (Stuttgart receives asUrban area no further municipality keys)

15 3 52 002 = ashtray lives

  • 15 Saxonia-Anhalt
  • 3 governmental district Magdeburg
  • 52 district Aschersleben Stassfurt
  • 002 city ashtray life

12 0 64 340 = new hard mountain

  • 12 Brandenburg
  • 0 (in Brandenburg there is not the administrative unit governmental district)
  • 64 district Märkisch Oderland
  • 340 municipality new hard mountain

Lands of the Federal Republic

the counting effected from the north to the south (No. 01-09), in chronological affiliation to the Federal Republic of Germany (No. 10) and alphabetical sequence (No. 11-16)

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  • Federal Statistical Office Germany - search in the country wide municipality listing over „municipality names “or „municipality keys “with statistic data to population and surface.



of the municipality keys consists of altogether 5 numbers, which sit down together as follows:

The first number designates the Land of the Federal Republic (in alphabetical order), the 2. and 3. The district and the 4 designates number. and 5. Number designate the municipality.


3 2521 = Rappottenstein

  • 3 Lower Austria
  • 25 district Zwettl
  • 21 municipality Rappottenstein

9 07 01 = Vienna - new building

  • 9 Vienna
  • 07 new building (7. District)
  • of 01 -

Lands of the Federal Republic

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Swiss the counterpart to the municipality key is the municipality number.


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