District court

the district court is a court of the tidy jurisdiction.

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the district court becomes particularly in procedures of the civilian and of the criminal law active.

Among other things for reminder procedures (compares also Central reminding court) is exclusively responsible it. Furthermore with the district courts among other things the trade register, the Genossenschaftsregister, the register of associations and the marriage property register are led. It is therefore registry office. To the district court also the land register office belongs. The public registers and the land register becomeaccording to the regulations led across the freiwillige jurisdiction. Decision the right male nurse or the certificating official of the office is depending upon thing of the single judges.

Each district court belongs to a regional court district. The regional court is superordinate usually also for the following instance, in family things is thishowever the higher regional court.

In civil law cases the district court is responsible with a value in litigation to including 5.000 euro. Independently of the value in litigation it is among other things in renting things concerning dwelling and child shank, maintenance and family things responsible. The district court becomes also as enforcement court, in procedures that Auction by order of the court or official administration, in insolvency procedures as well as probate court and as court of guardianship actively, likewise in residential property things and in false imprisonment things (z. B. Pushing away detention). For cases of state adhesion the district court however is not responsible if the value in litigation is below 5.000 euro.

In criminal actions the criminal judge becomeswith the district court actively, if a fine or an imprisonment is not to be expected over two years; during crime (minimum punishment one year imprisonment) and passing, if an imprisonment is to be expected between two years and four years, the jury is responsible (§§ 24, 25 GVG). Capital crimes and other weighty criminal actions are negotiated before a large criminal court of the regional court or a criminal senate of the higher regional court.


the district court is comparable to Austria and Switzerland in Austria and in Switzerland with the district court.

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