Amy Lee

Amy Lynn Lee (* 13. December 1981 in California) is an US-American singer. It is member of the US-American group of skirts of Evanescence.

Already at the age of eight years it wrote its first opera, which was so dramatic that it frightened it and its nut/mother. It wanted to become always singer and their dream began itself to realize, when it learned in the middle of the 1990er to know years in a Jugendcamp Ben Moody. Together with it it wrote nearly daily after the school Songs. Both created those volume “Evanescence”. After some time the volume got increase of a Drummer and a bassists. 1998 published Evanescence its first CD “Evanescence EP” with an edition of one hundred copies, 1999 followed the CD “sound Asleep EP”, of which only fifty appeared copies. In the year 2000 they published its first “correct” album Origin, from which there are only 2,500 copies. Various demo CDs followed until they published finally 2003 their debut album traps. The album was sold a world-wide success, it to so far scarcely 15 million CDs. During the route guitarist and Songwriter Ben Moody separated because of disputes with Amy Lee of that volume. But soon also this gap filled with Terry Balsamo. Its second album Anywhere but home erschiehn at the end of of 2004. It contains at the same time a liveDVD side of a concert in Paris. In the meantime Evanescence are very well-known. In the middle of August 2006 follows the 3.Streich of the Quintetts.

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