At Rutgers

at Rutgers van the Loeff (* 15. March 1910 in Amsterdam; † 19. August 1990 in Laren) was a Netherlands authoress.


at Rutgers studied latin and Greek in Amsterdam and began its vocational activity as a translator of Scandinavian authors, among other things of Sigrid and set. According to some articles it published 1947 their first own book.

Admits became at Rutgers particularly by its youth novels (if you courage have) and historical youth books (the child caravan). For I am Fedde around a contact-shy young-finite from a children's home, after its 18. Birthday the everyday difficulties of the again won liberty to master tried, received it to 1977 the German youth book price. 1957 had already won it it for the best special book (pioneers and their grandchildren). Four further works of at Rutgers were set on the selection list at the German youth book price. As one of the most important Netherlands youth authoresses of the present it was distinguished for its complete work with the Dutch state price for child and youth literature.

At Rutgers van the Loeff died to 19. August 1990 at the age of 80 years in north Holland.

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