Anastas Iwanowitsch Mikojan

Anastas Iwanowitsch Mikojan (Armenian: ԱնաստասՀովհաննեսիՄիկոյան; Russian: Анаста́сИва́новичМикоя́н) (25. November 1895 in the Gouvernement low-read; † 21. October 1978) was member of the CPSU under Stalin and Khrushchev and in the era Brezhnev for short time head of state of the Soviet Union.



Mikojan occurred 1915 the communist party. After the February revolution 1917 it had the function of a supervisor of the Soviet of the Soldatendeputierten in Etschmiadsin (Armenia), in order afterwards for the party in Baku and low-reads to be active. In October 1917 it participated in the first congress of the bolschewistischen organizations in the Caucasus . It belonged to the presidency of the Bakuer committee of the Bolschewisten since October 1917, carried party work out in the oil and factory districts Bakus and drew up the bolschewistische newspaper Social Democrat in Armenian language, later the Iswestija of the Bakuer Soviet.

In March 1918 it kommandierte a department of the combat team of the party with striking down the rebellion of the civil Massuwatisten and thereby was wounded. Mikojan participated in the context of the first socialist nationalizations in Baku in the nationalization of the oil industry and banks.

In the middle of 1918, during the fight against the German and Turkish Interventen and the Mussawatisten, he was a commissioner of a brigade of the Red Army. In August 1918, when the English troops had penetrated in Baku, a group of Bolschewisten under its guidance stayed to the illegal work. To 15. September 1918, when the city was conquered of Turkish troops, succeeded it to Mikojan to release and mount with them the steamer Turkmen the verhafteteten Bakuer of commissioners, the course on Astrachan took. The antisoviet part of the crew steered the steamer however after Krasnowodsk. The 26 commissioners were shot. Mikojan escaped shooting with some different. He came into the prison of Krasnowodsk, to it into the prisons of Kysyl Arwat and Aschgabat, where he remained until February 1919.

In February 1920 Mikojan belonged to the Politbüro of the central committee of the kp von Aserbaidschan . He was appointed from 1926 to 1946 successively the people's commissar for within and foreign trade, for supply, for food industry and for foreign trade. Was from 1937 to 1946 it also deputy chairmen of the advice of the people's commissars.

1923 became Mikojan member of the central committee (ZK). From 1935 to 1966 it belonged to the Politbüro and/or. the presidency of the CPSU on. In the post-war period he was selected 1946 and 1953 to the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers. From 1955 to 1964 it held the function of the first deputy of the chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Mikojan supported Stalin in the struggle for power after Lenin death. As a people's commissar for within and foreign trade he took over western ideas as for instance the production of food canned goods. It was responsible during the Second World War for the supply. 1942 it became member of the defense commission. In the spring 1940 it agreed shooting of 14.700 prisoners of war and 11,000 Poland.

After Stalins death remained Mikojan under Malenkow as Ministers of Trade a cabinet member. With the struggle for power around Stalins follow-up it supported Khrushchev and became a deputy Prime Minister. But it lost this post, because Khrushchev accused to it in the crisis of the Hungary rebellion of 1956 to have reacted correctly. He was a main participant with the fall of Khrushchev and was in the era Brezhnev from 1964 to 1965 of chairmen of the presidency of the highest Soviet and thus head of state of the Soviet Union.



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