Anastasio Somoza Garcia

Anastasio Somoza Garcia (* 1. February 1896, † 29. September 1956) was of 1937 - 1947 as well as of 1950 - 1956 a diktatorisch governing president of the Central American State of Nicaragua.

Anastasio Somoza Garcia was born 1896 as a son of a Kaffeefarmers in San Marcos. Contrary to its ore-conservative father it strikes itself politically already early on the side of the liberals, the traditional competitors of the conservative ones in Latin America.

the way to power

in Nicaragua gave it since a conservative Putsch in the year to 1909 military conflicts between the two rivaling movements. 1926 took part Somoza in the fights on the side of the liberals, whose presidency candidate was its Schwiegeronkel Juan Bautista Sacasa.

Due to its good English knowledge Somoza worked later than interpreters for the US troops, which were since 1912 in the country to support first in order the conservative government later had it between the war parties to obtain.

1927 created the USA the national guard of Nicaragua, in order to withdraw themselves slowly from the engagements and to prepare the departure of the own troops, which followed 1933 finally. After the choice victory Sacasas was meanwhile mainly assigned Somoza 1932 highest commander of the national guard, to fight the socialrevolutionary Guerillabewegung of the general Augusto César Sandino, which acted since 1926 against the American crew.

Somoza lets trailers and alleged trailers Sandinos kidnap and murder. In the year 1934 it let finally murder the popular Guerillafüher. The Sacasa valid as a quite weak president was robbed of the time more and more of Somoza of power in the run. The national guard had 1935 nearly the whole country under their control and let rebellions bloodily envious person-strike. Thus he was already at this time in fact most powerful man in Nicaragua. 1936 forced Somoza Sacasa to the resignation and Sacasa left the country.

Somoza laid down the supreme command over the national guard, in order to be able to be selected condition in accordance with to the president. 1937 it began its office for the first time. With it over 40 years the persisting rule of the Somoza family, whose members the new president accumulated influential positions in the State of provided and a fortune, began.

1947 withdrew Somoza its renewed candidacy due to national and international pressure, remained however unofficially unrestricted ruler of Nicaragua and became again leader of the national guard, whose commander in chief became 1955 its second son Anastasio Somoza Debayle. 1950 were selected Anastasio Somoza Garcia again to the president.

During an attendance in Leon, a center once of the liberal and later antisomozistischen resistance, he becomes to 21. Septembers 1956 of the young poet Rigoberto López Pérez angeschossen and succumbed eight days later to its injuries.

Its two sons Luis Somoza Debayle and Anastasio Somoza Debayle still resume the fright rule of the Somoza clan to 1979 .


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