Anatoli Alexandrowitsch Sobtschak

Anatoli Alexandrowitsch Sobtschak (Russian АнатолийАлександровичСобчак, wiss. Transliteration Anatolij Alexandrovič Sobčak; * 10. August 1937 in Tschita; † 19. February 2000 in Kaliningrad) was a Russian politician. The convinced reform politicians was from 1991 to 1996 governor (mayor) sank Petersburg and are considered as a political pulling father Vladimir PUT in.


Sobtschak was at times of the Soviet Union a professor for jurisprudence at the University of Leningrad. To its students Putin belonged. When Sobtschak became a 1991 mayor of Petersburg, he got Putin as a deputy in the office. With the elections it lost 1996 against Vladimir Yakovlev. Yakovlev had been Sobtschaks deputy, its environment felt before likewise the combat candidacy as betrayal. During the election campaign corruption reproaches emerged against Sobtschak. These could not be confirmed in the long run, led however to a hearing before the public prosecutor's office and released probably also a cardiac infarct , which overtook Sobtschak during the election campaign.

Sobtschak was considered as of the free-market economy of convinced reform politicians. With the Putschversuch against Mikhail Gorbatschow 1991 it organized Petersburg demonstrations and demonstrations in sank against the Putschisten. In the city it set for the back designation of Lenin degree in sank themselves Petersburg and tried an ambitious program to arrange, in order to lure both western investors and tourists into the city at the Finnish sea bosom.


  • Anatoli A. Sobtschak: For a new Russia: Our fight for right and democracy. Gustav Lübbe publishing house, 1991


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