Differently Bodelsen

differently Bodelsen (* 11. February 1937 in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen) is an important Danish writer.

There Bodelsen buildup in Copenhagen and studied jurisprudence, literature science and national economy. Starting from 1959 it was active for various Danish newspapers and magazines and publishers of a literature magazine. Afterwards it worked also as a critic at the Danish television as well as at the large daily paper Politiken.

In Germany differently Bodelsen with its became meanwhile than standard Sciencefiction - novel valid ice thriller Brunos frozen days (Danish original title: Frysepunktet) admits, in which it concerns a critically ill one, - in hope for healing chances in the future - be frozen can and finally in a nightmareful technical-perfect world awaked.

Also for child films it wrote film scripts. Among other things for the film Goldregen (Danish Orginaltitel: Guldregn).


1969: “De Gyldne Laurbær”
1986: “De Gyldne Håndjern”

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