André Citroën

André Citroën (* 5. February 1878 in Paris; † 3. July 1935 ebenda) was a French automobile technical designer.


André Gustave Citroën was the fifth child of Levie Citroën, a Jewish-Netherlands Juwelier from Amsterdam and Masza Amalia small man from Warsaw. Although the father could develop himself into of Paris a solid existence as jewel dealers, he took himself after heavy tendency reversals the life, when André was two years old. André completed the primary school with the best notes. Afterwards it was allowed to visit the “École Polytechnique “, a higher one school particularly renowned. It did not lock these however particularly remarkably. Subsequently, it occurred the army as a technical officer. During a journey in the year 1900 to relatives in Poland he saw unknown transmissions to him at different opportunities. When it arrived again at Paris, it let this transmission form patent. This is the doppelhelixförmige transmission form, which made it famous and which the Citroën - brand name (Firmenlogo) represents. \ \ 1905

  • it created a company together to // with three partners for the production of transmissions.
  • 1908 it was hired by the car manufacturer “Mors”, in order to increase production. It could increase the production of 10 cars per month on 100 cars within five years.
  • 1912 it visited Henry Ford and studied the production methods in of Ford factory.
  • 1913 it left Mors and went back to its transmission company.
  • To 27. May 1914 marries André Citroën Giorgina being gene.
  • 1914 announced itself the reserve officer André Citroën to the military service and came to the front. Only it became few weeks later by the army to dismiss, in order to increase the production of the cannon ammunition. Its brother Berne pool of broadcasting corporations falls in the war.

Toward end of the war it had to charge to capacity its ammunition factory with a new product and began in such a way it with the autoproduction. Its first customer was Mr. Testemolle, who acquired the type A in the year 1919 for 7950 francs. The type A had a 4-Zylinder-Motor with 1327 cm ³ capacity and 18 HP of achievement and, as large advantage opposite all competitors, a Elektro-Starter.

  • Starting from 1920 Citroën half-track vehicles produced. This crawler-type vehicle drive was originally the invention of the Ingenjeur Adolphe Kégresse. André Citroen recognized the advantages of this drive with a trial trip immediately, as the large advertising effect for the own mark. Completely under this slogan the expeditions started croisière noire 1924, (a motor vehicle crosses the desert for the first time) croisière jaune 1929 (crossing of the Himalaya of mountains) croisière blanche 1934 Alaska (defeat from temperatures between -20° and -70°!)
  • 1922 it started the first seeing era Rally from Touggourt to Timbuktu.
  • 1924 - 1925 crossed 8 vehicles Africa from Colomb Béchar to Antananarivo in the legendary expedition Croisière Noire.
  • 1927, to the receipt of Charles Lindbergh, he rented the Eiffelturm as advertisement carrier and let from there its names over Paris light up.
  • 1931 - 1932 followed a further Rally across Asia under the name Croisière Jaune.
  • it brings the first automobile to 1934 with front wheel drive on the market, the Traction Avant. Unfortunately was this first no success, but its ruin. Citroën is broke and sells its company at Michelin. The two fathers of the Traction Avant, which becomes designer Flaminio Bertoni and the technical designer André Lefèbvre nevertheless in further firm history sensation to make.
  • at the 3. July 1935 it dies in consequence of a malicious tumor, in Paris, as one says for lack of life will, since the loss of its company broke the heart to it. But the side which it in the history of the automobile and in world history wrote, in the memory of humans will remain indelible.

André Citroën was famous for its marketing qualities, its technical innovations, its human conversion of the mass production and for the adventure journeys with its chain-driven vehicles, in addition, for its love for the risk and for gambling.

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