André long

André is enough (* 28. June 1973 in Ilmenau) is a German Bobsportler.

André long one began as eight-year old with the Rodeln and changed 1993 to the Bobsport. For a long time sport soldier is and starts for the BSR „run-rises “upper yard.

1998 he became junior world champion in the two and Viererbob, 1999 in the Vierer.

With the olympic winter plays 2002 in salt Lake town center it won gold in the Viererbob for the first time. In addition four years later it repeated this success with the olympic plays in Turin and won gold in the Zweierbob. Wolfgang Hoppe reached this double gold with the olympic winter plays 1984 before 18 years already.

Since 1997 long one lives in the Thuringian Gossel.


  • olympic winter plays:
    2006 - 2x gold (two, Vierer)
    2002 - 1x gold (Vierer)
  • world championship:
    2004 - 1x gold (Vierer)
    2003 - 2x gold (two, Vierer)
    2000 - 1x gold (Vierer)
  • Worldcup:
    2004 - 1x gold (Vierer)
    2003 - 1x gold (Vierer)
    2001 - 1x gold (Vierer)
  • European championship:
    2004 - 1x gold (Vierer)
    2002 - 1x gold (Vierer)
    2000 - 1x gold (two)

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