André Masson

André Masson (* 4. January 1896 in Balagny sur Thérain (Département Oise); † 28. October 1987 in Paris) was a French painter, commercial artist and a sculptor.

Masson studied already with 14 years at the academy of arts in Brussels, where he lived since 1904, it continued its studies in Paris to the Ecole national Superieure Beaux kinds with Paul Baudoin . At first it was affected by the Kubismus. 1924 it attached the Surrealisten , relies these however soon again, when the group around André Breton zerstritten was. A lifelong friendship connects it however with the Ethnologen and writer Michel Leiris, which likewise belonged to the Surrealisten. Masson is also a close friend of Georges Bataille, which collected the “these simmering ducks” Surrealisten at the beginning of the thirties around itself. Masson participated considerably in the magazine “Acéphale “called by Bataille in the life, which publicised one of the falsifications Elizabeth Förster settled Nietzsche reading (see. Moebius 2006); likewise it was involved in the Collège de Sociologie.

At the beginning of the Second World War Masson in Spain lived, emigrierte then into the USA (occasionally it lived 1945 also on Martinique and returned to France.

In Massons works a constant existenzielle unrest is to be found, which reflects the two world wars and crises of its time. Its stylistic constantly work understood in the change radiates invention wealth and large organization strength. Masson developed a lyric-spontaneous abstract mark way (psychological automatism/écriture automatique) in its time with the Surrealisten in of Paris and of the 30's 20's. Thus Masson is one of the first painters, who look for conscious entrance to the irrational one, Unterbewussten. One of these works are Vingt deux the dessins sur le thème you désir (twenty-two designs for the topic of the longing), which developed one behind the other in shortest time.

Beside numerous paintings (among other things also with the materials loam and sand) develop also for sculptures, sceneries and book illustrations. For the Théatre Odéon in Paris manufactured Masson a cover painting.


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