Andrés de Santa Cruz

Andrés de Santa Cruz (* 5. September 1792 in La Paz, Bolivia; † 1865 in Sainte Nazaire, France) were a Bolivian general and of 28. January 1827 up to 9. June 1827 president of Peru as well as of 24. May 1829 up to 17. February 1839 president of Bolivia, where he was selected after the renouncement by Antonio José de Sucre.

Santa Cruz was born in La Paz (at that time high Peru, late Bolivia) as a son of the Peruvian Kreolen Josep de Santa Cruz y Villavicencio and the Bolivian Mara Basilia Calahumana. It studied school in Cuzco, which it left 1820, in order to go to Lima in the San Bernendo. In the first years it served its recent military career in the Spanish army. It was stationed in the Vizekönigtum Peru, one of the most strongly fastened bases of Spain in South America. Viceroy Pezuela promoted it to the commander of the south coast and to military commander of haven Chorrillos.

1836 it convinced Peru to unite with Bolivia and appointed itself even the highest Beschützer of the Peruvian-Bolivian alliance. In February 1839 this alliance disintegrated again, partly by internal resistance and unrests, partly by the expansionist tendencies of Chile.


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