Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi
Nationality: The USA
size: 1.80 m
weight: 80 kg
of play hand: On the right of (both-handle back hand)
1. Professional season: 1986
highest placement: 1 (10. April 1995)
Single title: 60
double titles: 1
prize money: $30.996.275
weeks Nr.1: 101
Grand Slam balance
title: 8
Australian open S (1995, 2000, 2001,2003)
French open S (1999)
Wimbledon S (1992)
U.S. Open S (1994, 1999)

Andre Kirk Agassi (* 29. April 1970 in read Vegas, Nevada) is an US-American tennis player. Its father Emmanuel “Mike” Agassian - Armenian - stämmiger Iranian - was likewise sportsman;it participated twice as a Boxer in the olympic plays. It and his Mrs. Elizabeth were emigriert from Iran into the USA. Andre Agassi became 1986 professional and is until today one of the most successful tennis players at all.

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tennis career

the first yearsand the break-through (1986-1992)

in the year 1986 already began Agassis career on the tennis professional route and one year later could it its first professional title in Itaporica win. 1988 pulled of doze off Bollettieri trained Agassi in the semi-final of the French open, where he in a memorableFive-sentence match, troubled of cramps Mats Wilander was subject. In the next years Agassi increased increasingly and won up to the season 1991 further 13 professional tournaments. For a Grand Slam title it had to wait however to 1992. it reached 1990 its first Grand Slam final (French open), failed however because of Andres Gomez. Few months later it lost open in the final of US against its compatriot Pete Sampras. Agassi and Sampas should become the largest rivals and the dominating players of the 90's. In the autumn of the same yearlyAgassi crowned itself with the for the first time delivered ATP world championship (follow-up tournament of the tennis of Masters) to the world champion. 1991 drew Agassi again into the final of the French open, lost however again, this time in a high-dramatic final game against Jim Courier. With its long hair and play clothing shrillsAgassi had created itself the image of a rebel. It ignored the most well-known tennis tournament of the world in Wimbledon in the years 1988-1990. In addition, outward it rejected the strict dress order with this tournament, many critics assumed that its kind of play for the Rasenplatz inWimbledon is not well suitable. The more surprisingly was it thus that Agassi created straight in Wimbledon its break-through, when he defeated 1992 there in the final game Goran Ivanisevic and brought finally its first completely large victory in.

to the point of the world (1993-1996)

afterone of injuries overshadowed season 1993 followed the final ascent of Andre Agassi, when it won 1994 US open (in the final against Michael pass). In the year after it could win for the first time the Australian open and became few months later firstTimes number 1 of the tennis world rank list, a position which it 30 weeks long maintain could. Briefly before the Australian open had radically changed Agassi its appearance, by abrasierte itself the long Mähne, probably because of the hair loss already progressing, completely. In the final of USOpen 1995 faced Agassi again Sampras, lost however in four sentences. 1996 reached Agassi the Halbfinals with the Australian open and US open (defeat against Michael Chang). Its largest triumph of the season succeeded to it with the olympic summer games in Atlanta, whereit the gold medal to win could. In the years 1994-1996 Agassi was constant among the absolutely best players of the world, could itself in - however victoriously maintain “duel of the giants” with compatriot Sampras, magnified the importance of by its sponsor Nike, for which also Sampras recruited, only rarely. ThisDevelopment, in addition, the mediale rush on Agassi and his Mrs. Brooke Shields (which it married in April 1997) had a strongly negative influence on Agassis occurrence on the tennis court.

crash and comeback (1997-1999)

after the half final defeat with US open 1996against Chang it went with Agassi steeply downhill. In the season 1997 Agassi fell into the depths of the world rank list, until he appeared and only with smaller tournaments begin could at place 141. Finally it decided again perfectly for it, itself on thatTo concentrate tennis haven. Also at the place Agassi had put down its old rebel image completely and became a large model for young players. The wages for this new attitude should follow already soon, because with five tournament victories in the season the American created 1998 againthe jump among the best players of the world. 1999 should become then the best season in Agassis of long career. With one five-sentence-final-follow against Andrei Medvedev secured itself Andre Agassi its first French open success and was thereby only the fifth player in tennis history, thatit succeeded to win all four Grand Slam titles at least once. One month later however an absorber followed, than Agassi in the final of Wimbledon had been subject again once to Pete Sampras clearly. But with its second triumph with US open increased Agassi again clearly andfor the first time one season at the point of the world rank list could lock in its career.

Agassi the season began successes in

Australia (2000-2003) 2000 in such a way, like it the preceding had locked, with large successes. Directly with the Australian open in January could it in the final against Yevgeny Kafelnikov triumphieren and thereby also four Grand Slam Finals in consequence had reached, what had succeeded last in the 60 years to Rod Laver. In Wimbledon Agassi was subject to the Australian Patrick Rafter against it in a high-dramatic semi-final. To the year end Agassi had eventhe possibility again the season at place 1 to lock, but the final introduction with the Masters Cup was not sufficient. 2001 followed equal the title defense with the Australian open against Arnaud Clément. In a repetition of the play in the previous year Agassi in a just as scarce semi-final was subject againPatrick Rafter in Wimbledon. In a sensational quarterly final play with US open it was subject to Pete Sampras with 7-6, 6-7, 6-7, to deliver 6-7 without only one service. Also 2002 played Agassi again a strong season, by winning three of Masters Series of tournaments and the year upPlace 2 of the world terminated. With the US-Open came it to the last duel Agassi against Sampras and - like so often - had Sampras at the end again the upper hand and won the tournament. One year later should terminate the American its career without everfurther play to have completed. 2003 followed the Australian open for Agassi the third victory in four years beí, in the final against the German Rainer shaker. Later in the year conquered Agassi again place 1 of the world rank list and regarded this position as further 13Weeks. At the end it was enough nevertheless again for place 4 in the conclusion rank list.

the last years (since 2004)

property of results in the season 2004 ensured for the fact that Agassi never fell from the Top 10 of the world rank list, even if the large victoriesslowly belonged to the past. In the season 2005 new rumors arose again and again the fact that Agassi is enough its and successful after career or to the year end would terminate the US-Open. Meanwhile it seems however clear that the American also in the season 2006 on the place standbecomes. After a majority of the season was impaired by injuries, a strong comeback with that succeeded to it 60. Tournament victory of its career in Los Angeles and a final introduction in Montreal. By these successes Agassi ranked among the further favorite circle of the US-Open 2005 and became expectationswith the final participation more than fairly. It got Roger Federer in trouble, had with 3-6, 6-2, 6-7 and 1-6 struck to however finally give oneself. The season terminated Agassi at place 7, after it with the tennis of Masters Cup its participation after a played playdue to an injury to withdraw had.

Davis Cup

Agassi played between 1988 and 2005 36 times in the Davis Cup team of the USA with a balance of 30:6 victories.

In the cadre of the USA it was located besides with the Davis Cup triumphs 1990 and 1992,whereby the Davis Cup team is considered 1992 with the players Pete Sampras , Jim Courier , Andre Agassi and John McEnroe as one of the best all times. 2005 had to accept Agassi bitter defeats against Ivan a Ljubicic, because this meant from in round 1.

Agassis of employments in the Davis Cup


after its failed marriage with the actress Brooke Shields, which he married 1997 and 1999 again from it be separated could, married Agassi to 22. October 2001 the former German Tennisspielerin Steffi Graf. Youfirst child, the son Jaden Gil, came to 26. October 2001 to the world. At the 3. October 2003 followed daughter Jaz inch.



Tournament 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986
Australian open VF HF S - S S AF AF - HF S - - - - - - - - -
French open 1 1 VF VF VF 2 S 1 - 2 VF 2 - HF F F 3 HF 2 -
Wimbledon - - 4 2 HF HF F 2 - 1 HF 4 VF S VF - - - 1 -
US open F VF HF F VF 2 S 4 4 HF F S 1 VF 1 F HF HF 1 1
tournament victories 1 1 4 5 4 1 5 5 0 3 7 5 2 3 2 4 1 6 1 0
world rank list 7 8 4 2 3 6 1 6 122 8 2 2 24 9 10 4 7 3 25 91

VF= quarter final HF = semi-final F = final S = victory number = Vorrunde


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