Andreas Dittmer

Andreas Dittmer (* 16. April 1972 in Neustrelitz) is a German Kanute.

Dittmer starts with the Kanuten in the Canadier and ranks since 1991 among the world point. It became between 1994 and 2003 in the a and Zweiercanadier altogether six times world champions. With the olympic plays 1996 in Atlanta it won first olympic gold medal over 1.000 M. in the Zweiercanadier its. After the plays of Atlanta Dittmer exclusively concentrated on the a competitions and won themselves over 1.000 m with the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney also in the gold medal. On the Sprintstrecke over 500 m it could win the bronze medal in Sydney additionally still.

2003 it in the US-American Gainesville double world champion in the a Canadian over 500 and 1.000 M. became. This made it naturally for pot change request rites also for the olympic plays the 2004 in Athens. In its parade discipline over 1.000 m it could win first however only the silver medal. But it the third time olympia winner than it the 500 m Sprintstrecke became one day later won.

Andreas Dittmers sister Anja is the best German tri athlete on the olympic distance and participated likewise in the olympic plays. Dittmer works half tags as a banker, is single and starts for the sports club new Brandenburg. Since 2004 is Andreas Dittmer honour citizen of new Brandenburg.


2004 Bambi category sport as well as Ronald rough one, Tim Wieskötter, Christian Gille and Tomasz Wylenzek for their successes with the olympic summer games 2004 in Athens.

2005 sportsmen of the yearly savings bank special price of models in the sport


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