Andreas Okopenko

Andreas Okopenko (* 15. March 1930 in Košice (Slowakei)) is a Austrian writer.

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Andreas Okopenko became as son of a Ukrainian physician and itsAustrian wife born. Since 1939 the family in Vienna lived. After a study of chemistry at the University of Vienna Okopenko was active in the industry. Starting from 1950 he dedicated himself increasingly to the literature. From 1951 to 1953 it published a literature magazine , in which published numerous member of the Austrian avant-garde of that time. Since 1968 it lives as free writers in Vienna.

Okopenko stepped out both with poems and with Prosawerken, in which realistic description of subjective impressions and feelings and language experiments its own mixture are received. In its novels he partly completely does without a conventional chronology or a logical succession in favor of the Aufsplitterung and lining the text up according to a kind coincidence principle. Particularly with its “encyclopedia novel alphabetically put on” of 1970 Okopenko can as in former times a forerunner the hypertext - literature to be regarded. This became into the 1990er years in co-operation between the author and the collective “LIBRARies OF the Mind” as “ELEX - electronic encyclopedia novel” on CD-ROM publishes.

Okopenko was from 1973 to 1985 member of the Grazer author meeting; since 1999 it belongs to the Austrian art senate.

honors and honours

of works

  • of the Greens November, Munich 1957
  • strange days, Munich and. A. 1963
  • the vouchers of the Michael Cetus, Salzburg 1967
  • why are the latrines so sadly?, Salzburg 1969
  • encyclopedia of a sentimental journey to the exporter meeting in Druden, Salzburg of 1970
  • places of changing uneasiness, Salzburg 1971
  • the Akazienfresser, Salzburg 1973
  • dying bed with pasteboard covers, Vienna and. A. 1974
  • warning of Ypsilon, Salzburg 1974
  • meteorites, Salzburg of 1976
  • four essays, Salzburg and. A. 1979
  • collected lyric poetry, Vienna and. A. 1980
  • ditch it not arbitrarily!, Linz 1980
  • Johanna, bathing 1982
  • loose poems, Vienna 1983
  • child Nazi, Salzburg and. A. 1984
  • joint venture work, victories 1989 (together with Ernst Jandl and Friederike Mayröcker)
  • Schwänzellieder, Vienna 1991
  • every time I violently rain, Vienna of 1992
  • dream reports, Linz and. A. 1998
  • ape sugars, Vienna and. A. 1999
  • collected essays and other opinion outbreaks from five decades, complaint ford and. A.
    • 1. In the scene, 2000
    • 2. Confrontations, 2001

publisher activity

  • publications Viennese group of young authors, Vienna, H. 1.1951 - 8,1953
  • Hertha Kräftner: Why here? Why today?, Graz 1963 (together with Otto Breicha)
  • Ernst none: Road of the Odysseus, Vienna 1994


  • Andreas Okopenko. Texts and materials, hrsg. v. Klaus Kastberger. Vienna: Special number of 1998. (= research/Austrian literature archives; 2) ISBN 3-85449-130-1

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