Andreas Papandreou

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Andreas Papandreou, Ανδρέας Γ.Παπανδρέου (* 5. February 1919 in Chios; † 23. June 1996 in Ekáli; actually Andreas Georgiou Papandreou) was a Greek politician. With the Greek Militärputsch 1967 he was arrested and arrested. Afterwards it was from 1981 to 1989 and from 1993 to1996 prime ministers of Greece.

1974, after the Greek military dictatorship, he created the social-democratic PASOK a party. 1981 join Greece under Andreas Papandreou as a tenth member of the EEC (European community).

During lifetimes he was a very popular and peoplenear politician. No different onePolitician of its party was able it until today to polarize the masses in such a way. This stabilization cost Greece much. The years 1981 to 1989 were coined/shaped of anti-Americaism and Populismus. The country did not use this decade in addition, in order to develop the free-market economy further. Rather was Papandreoualways endeavors not to give with a politics policy from socialism and Populismus power from the hands. The Greek people twist it also as some scandal, politically as private.

Papandreou are after-said many affairs, the consequence-fraughtest were with the hostess the Dimitra Liani (towards.Mimi), which he also married. This relationship did not only harm its reputation, but was also consequence-fraught for the reputation of the Greek policy abroad. Political ambitions of Dimitra Liani failed because of support lacking by party members of the PASOK the separation from its wife Margerita brought ita personal and political dissociation from its family. Its son Georgios Papandreou kanidierte some years after his death for the party presidency of the PASOK and was with this also Kanidat for the office of the Prime Minister


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