Andreas Schmidt (football player)

Andreas Schmidt (* 14. September 1973 in Berlin, Germany) is a German football player.

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Andreas Schmidt began its career at sports club Siemens city and is since 1991 defense - and midfield player with Hertha BSC Berlin. it belonged to 1993 with its twin brother of olive Schmidt of the legendary crew of the heart hectar amateurs, who penetrated in the final game of the DFB cup. Afterwards it came to the first crew and belonged to the team, with which the reclimb was created into the soccer federal league in the season 1997/98. At present it plays as a captain in the second crew of the Hertha in the regional league north.

It played in the UEFA cup and in the champions League.

Andreas Schmidt in the Hertha BSC - professional team

Schmidts largest strength was its universal serviceability on different positions in the centre zone and in the defense. It served several times successfully in international plays as Manndecker for opposing of star. Position-caused it acted often inconspicuously, but without larger form fluctuations constantly successfully. With the Erstarken of the heart hectar crew and the ever better fellow players exerted by it its universality became the problem: On no position Schmidt was considered as outstanding, the competition pressure became straight for it ever harder.


Federal league plays:
(Conditions: October 2005)
174 (for Hertha BSC Berlin), with it 8 gates
2. Federal league plays: 131 (for Hertha BSC Berlin)
U 21 national team: 1 international match (for Hertha BSC Berlin)
a2 national team: 4 international matches (for Hertha BSC Berlin)


Schmidt is married and has since 18. March 2005 a daughter.

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