Andrei Alexandrowitsch Schdanow


Andrei Alexandrowitsch Schdanow (Russian АндрейАлександровичЖданов, wiss. Transliteration Andrej Alexandrovič Ždanov; * 14. February/ 26. February 1896 in Mariupol, Ukraine; † 31. August 1948 in Moscow) was a Soviet politician and a close coworker Stalins.


Schdanow lost early his father, a people school inspector, its education white therefore gaps up. It visited 3. to 7. Class of the six-form high school in Twer, spent one half year at the Muscovites Landwirtschaftsschule and four months at the NCO school in Low-read, where one certified it “an final middle school education”. 1916 it was drawn into the army.

1915 it the bolschewistische party had already occurred, since 1917, as it as a Csm 136. Infantry regiment served, was actively involved it in the revolutionary movement. ItsGuidance qualities and its agitation talent brought in the post of a chairman for it in the revolutionary soldier advice. From January 1918 it was active as a circle agriculture secretary in Schadrinsk on. From 1918 to 1920 it was Politagitator at the same time in the red army and editor of the newspaper Twerskaja Prawda. Since 1925 he was candidate and since 1930 member of the ZK of the CPSU; then 1935 candidate and finally starting from 1939 member of the Politbüros.

In its function as area and a city secretary of the party organization of Lenin degree (from 1934 to 1944) he was - as a successor of themurdered Kirow - when admits of radical and more pityless “clean”. During 2. World war and the 900 days continuing FE storage of Lenin degree by the German armed forces he was colonel general in the war Soviet of the city.

After 1945 it fought as a leader of one after him designated repressive cultural policy, in such a waySchdanowschtschina mentioned, writer such as Achmatowa, Pasternak and Soschtschenko, directors such as iron stone and composer such as Prokofjew and Schostakowitsch. From it the expression “saliva speichellecker of the west” comes in this connection (низкопоклонствопередЗападом).

To 30. It held September 1947 as a representativethe Soviet delegation on the founders' meeting of the Kominform its famous two-camp theory become - speech as counter declaration to of US president the Truman to 12. March 1947 in the Truman doctrine in such a way specified stated ideas. Both speeches are considered as important milestones in the development away from the anti-Hitler coalition to the cold war.

1948 got sick to Schdanow heavily and died to 31. August 1948 at a cardiac infarct. Its death, allegedly by a wrong diagnosis of Kremlin - physicians along, was beside that other late trips of the pursuit of Jewish physicians (parasit physicians, врачи вредители) by Stalin.There are however also rumors that Stalin arranged its murder.

The city Mariupol was called from 1948 to 1989 Schdanow.

Schdanows son Juri was married with Stalins daughter Swetlana Allilujewa.


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