Andrew Jackson

Daguerreotypie of Andrew Jackson (1844/1845)

Andrew Jackson (* 15. March 1767 in Waxhaw, South Carolina; † 8. June 1845 close Nashville, threshing floor lake) was from 1829 to 1837 of the 7. President of the United States of America and is the founderthe democratic party of the USA. Jackson carried „old Hickory for the pointed names “. Jackson entered as one of the coining/shaping presidents history of the USA. On the one hand he was a first president, that not from the elite of the US-American war of independence came and did not accept extensive changesthe state organisation forwards. On the other hand it is above all famous by the fact and notorious that it to the path of the tears (Trail OF Tears) forced the Indian trunks of the US-American southeast.

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childhood and youth

Andrew Jackson

his parents, Andrew Jackson senior (* approx. 1730; † February 1767) and Elizabeth „Betty “Hutchinson (* approx. 1740; † November 1781) emigrierten 1765 from Carrickfergus, in the today's Northern Ireland into the USA. Andrew the Jackson Centre with Carrickfergus shows this very day an exhibition over the parental family of the sieved president of the United States.

Jackson enjoyed only a poor education and training and worked since its 18. Lebensjahr with an attorney. 1786 becameit to practice certified and established itself in Nashville, threshing floor lake. Starting from 1788 he became a public prosecutor for western North Carolina, i.e. for the area later threshing floor lake. After it was member of the condition-giving meeting of the new US state threshing floor lake, it pulled into firstHouse of representatives of the state and afterwards in its senate. Starting from 1798 it became to 1804 judges at supreme the Court of threshing floor lake. Arguments with acting president Thomas Jefferson led to its occasional retreat from the political life. Between 1805 and 1812 managed he his farm. Jackson1806 in a duel were heavily hurt: a ball pierced two ribs, missed the heart scarcely and remained in the thorax being. It exposed itself frequently duels, a further shot wound to far led to durable belly pain, probably due to a lead poisoning.

military career

1812 received the supreme command to Jackson over all militias of the State of threshing floor lake and could the Creek - Indians after Florida strike back. When the Englishmen threatened 1815 new Orleans, Jackson received the instruction over the line troops and to the major general was carried there.

Jackson became the national hero, afterit the British in the battle of new Orleans to 8. January 1815 defeated. Jackson was not well-known that at this time already the peace by Gent one closed. Its popularity rose, as it the Seminolen in the first Seminolen war (1817/18) defeated.

political activities

Jackson returned now to the political life. He became a military governor of Florida, which had been retired straight from the Spaniards, and 1823 to 1825 US senator for the State of threshing floor lake. With the presidency elections he got 1824 as a candidate that A republican-democratic party both more direct voices and more elector voices and all other candidates. Since it could win however no absolute majority, the house of representatives had to select the president. The choice fell on John Quincy Adam. Later Jackson knew four years then Adam with oneMajority of 178 against 83 voices defeat. The office of the president he dressed 4 then starting from that. March 1829.

Jacksons influence

Andrew Jackson was a first president, who did not come from the circle of the revolution. George Washington, John Adam, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were recognized personalities, that had fought in the American war of independence and that had coined/shaped condition of the United States. John Quincy Adam was the son of John Adam. The choice Andrew Jacksons meant a break with the past. Jackson did not come outthe largeagrarian founder elite of the USA, but represented the smallcivil interests of the new immigrants.


one biographic of the life of Andrew and Rachel Jacksons be based on the novel of Irving Stone The President's lady, the 1953 into the cinemas came along Susan Hayward, Charlton Heston, John MCI animals, and Carl Betz in the main roles, direction: Henry Levin.


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