Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson (* 29. December 1808 in Raleigh, North Carolina; † 31. July 1875 in Carter station, threshing floor lake) was the 17. President of the United States of America (1865 - 1869). It belonged to the democratic party .

Originally cuttersby occupation, Johnson pulled 1826 after threshing floor lake, where he became into the 1830er years a mayor of the city Greeneville. Starting from 1835 he was a delegate in the house of representatives of this state and became 1853 governor, an office, which he dressed until 1857. It became subsequently, into that US senate selected. Since it originated from very simple conditions, Johnson maintained a strong during its whole political life in relation to dislike the rich Pflanzeraristokratie of the south, which finally operated the splitting off from the union. Therefore Johnson was 1860/61 an only senator from the Southern States, which arose against the secession.

During the civil war he was appointed 1862 the military governor of its by union troops of occupied mother country threshing floor lake. With the choice of 1864 he stood as a candidate as of Abraham Lincoln a vice-president. Since it was both Südstaatler and democrat and unionist, it seemed forthis office in the best way suitably, particularly the two with this choice uniquely not as republicans or democrats, but as a “party of the national unit” (national union party) began.

After the murder of Lincoln it became to 15. April 1865 as a president swears in. It was thirdVice-president in the history of the USA, that by the death of its predecessor in the office came and first to a murder assassination attempt.

The major task of its presidency was, the Reconstruction in such a way specified, the reconstruction of the Southern States after the war and their reintegration into the union.This required a difficult burr migration between the necessary change of the political structures in the south on the one hand and the reconciliation politics on the other hand. Soon it was too konziliant, particularly the radical republicans after some vetoes against citizen right laws. Beyond that the congress strove for it, the power of president, the Lincolnduring the war of secession had strongly expanded, again back to connecting pieces.

The result was the first Impeachment - procedure against a US president at all, in whom also reproaches became loud, Johnson was alcoholic. To 24. February 1868 agreed the house of representatives of its joggle, the senate spoke it howeverto 5. March with a voice majority freely.

At that time far away an unconsidered event of its presidency was 1867 the purchase of Alaska of Russia by external undersecretary of state William H. Seward, at a price of 7.5 million dollar.

Differently than other American presidents Johnson saw its political careerafter the end of his term of office not as terminates on. He stood as a candidate twice unsuccessfully for the congress; briefly before its death 1875 he was then selected again with the third attempt to the US senator.

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