the anecdote (of Greek ανέκδοτον, anékdoton - not given change) is a literary kind, which has a remarkable or characteristic occurence, usually in the life of a person, to the basis.

Anecdotes require a scarce form with a punchline, overto work correctly. They are thereby with the Kurzgeschichte and vary related.

Sometimes (often) the authors of anecdotes - similar as of jokes - are unknown. To the considerable representatives to the anecdote as art form Johann Peter Hebel belong and Heinrich of Kleist.

Anecdotes are used often falsely as vouchers for statistic connections, approximately in the outsider medicine as vouchers for effectiveness of working methods. Since however anecdotes are stories handread out from their nature, which are only far-counted, ifit of interesting circumstances report, and because successful treatments are more interesting than unsuccessful, the use of anecdotes leads necessarily for a distorted picture of the reality and represents a scientifically inadmissible data selection.

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