Ange Hyacinthe Maxence de Damas

Ange Hyacinthe Maxence, baron de Damas (* 30. September 1785 in Paris; † 6. May 1862) was a French general and statesman.

Baron Damas went during the French revolution with his family to Germany into the exile and later to Russia, where he was militarily educated. As an officer of the tsarist army it participated starting from 1805 in all campaigns against France and acquired themselves the favour of the Zaren Alexander. To the restoration of the Bourbonen Damas returned to France and occurred as “Maréchal de Camp” the French army. 1815 he became general lieutenant and commander of the 8. Military division in Marseille.

1823 it befehligte a division in the Spanish campaign and was promoted in the following year to war Minister of France. Since it did not join in into the unfair measures against the officers of the old empire, Comte Jean Baptiste de Villèle appointed 1824 Damas in October as the minister of foreign affairs. This office had Damas up to 4. January 1828 .

Damas governor of the duke of Bordeaux, which he followed 1830 into banishing, was later. Again returned to France, he lived with his family withdrawn on the country. He dressed no political offices more, but dedicated themselves to only scientific work.

At the age of 66 years the baron de Damas died to 6. May 1862.


Ange Hyacinthe Maxence de Damas: Mémoires you baron de Damas (1785 - 1862). Publiés par son petit fils le Comte de Damas. Paris, o.J.

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