Angelika bend

Angelika bend (* 9. May 1950 in Ravensburg) is a German former Eiskunstläuferin. She was together with their brother Erich bends the first German Europameisterin in the ice dancing.

Angelika and Erich bend started for the ERV Ravensburg. They trained with Betty Callaway in Colonel village. 1972 won it in Göteborg the European champion title in the ice dancing before Ljudmila Pachomowa and Alexander Gorschkow. In addition they became three times vice-world champions, twice vice-European champions and 6-mal German masters.

The Ravensburger tome created by them was shown for the first time 1973 with the German championships and is today obligation dance.

Angelika bend studied in Munich. It is married and has two children.

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  • ice dancing career was not olympic during Bucks.

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