Angola basin

to 5,841 m deep Angola basins is a deep sea basin in the south Atlantic and the deepest part of the southeast Atlantic ocean.

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the Angola basin, which got its name of South African Angola and nearly everywhere depths reached by over 5.000 m, is approximately between 3° and 35° southern latitude as well as for instance between 10° more west and 10° of eastern length. From the coast of Angola the deep sea basin about 2,500 km extends toward the west up to the south part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge outside; its north south expansion covers about 4,000 km.

In this range it is appropriate for that between the Guinea threshold lying in the Atlantic in the northwest, on the mainland of Africa lying Niederguineaschwelle and their pre-aged coast in the east, the whale threshold lying in the sea in the south and pc. Helena in the west; behind this island the southAtlantic back rises in the southern center of the ocean, on which nearby the Angola basin only the small islands Ascension (southern the equator) and the Tristan lying in the south Atlantic mount Cunha there.


scientists assume that the Angola basin reaches depths of over 6.000 m mainly between 14° and 21° southern latitude and from the Nullmeridian to 4° west length even several times. Since most deep sea areas close investigated so far are been because of the coast, one meets 1000 kilometers into the Teifseeregionen of the Angola basin completely different fauna than in, lying before the bank, other deep sea basins. Many of the so far still undiscovered 10 million animal species which one in the ocean assumed, one hopes therefore to find there. In addition above all single-celled organism , cancers and bristle worms belongs.

Angola basin in the comparison

the Angola basin is, if the thesis with the 6000 m depth would be even confirmed, not the deepest deep sea basin. In the Argentine basin with 6.202 m and in the northern Brazilian basin with 6.537 m in the southwest Atlantic it descends still more deeply. In the range of the narrow south sand yielding ditch, which is appropriate for the Antarctic between 1.500 and 2.000 km north and directly east the south sand yielding islands in the outermost south Atlantic, it continues to go with 8.264 m still clearly into the depth.

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