Anke Gebert

Anke Gebert (* 16. April 1960 in resounds/to Saale) is a German Kriminalschriftstellerin.

Anke Gebert buildup in the GDR and visited there Institut for teacher formation in Dömitz, afterwards the “Johannes cup institute” for literature in Leipzig.

1988 moved Gebert to Hamburg and began a further study of the journalism and Germanistik at the University of Hamburg.

It wrote several film scripts also, which (mostly of the NDR) were filmed, among other things for the series “for all cases, Stefanie” and for the scene (“witch dance”).

1999 published it its first detective story “blind”, it followed “an angel for Hotte”, “dogs, those bark” and “attendance journey” in the year 2004. In addition the special book came “in the shade of the wall” (1999).

Anke Gebert lives in Hamburg, is married and has a son.

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