Anke Late Night

Anke Late Night was one of Brainpool produced German Late Night show.

The transmission moderated by Anke Engelke started to 17. May 2004 with sows 1 at the transmission place of the Harald Schmidt show. House volume of the transmission was the “Electric lady volume”,led of Claus's Fischer, before times bassist with the TV total - volume. For attention provided before the premiere 10,000 €- a bet between Rudi Carrell and Olli Dittrich. Carrell had bet that the show became a case of pure. The bet was withdrawn later.

The show could do thoseExpectations of many do not fulfill and lost already in the first week substantially at spectators. To invite up to date guests the transmission up to its joggle could not follow in advance announced requirement 18 week after their premiere.

Of 5. August to 30. August 2004 went to AnkeLate Night despite contrary announcements of sows 1 into the summer break. This fed the rumors, which would lead usually negative criticism as well as constantly substantially the ratios which are under expectations for adjustment the show. To 21. October 2004 finally became the show from thisReason set off.

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Verlauf von Quoten und Marktanteil
process of ratios and market share

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