Anna Carin Olofsson

Anna Carin Helena Cecilia Olofsson (* 1. April 1973 in Sveg) is a Swedish Biathletin.

Anna Carin Olofsson came very late (Weltcupeinstand 2003) to the Biathlon, could be established however fast in the world point. Thus it won a podium place at the WM 2005 in high felt silver in the mass start, in the Worldcup it before with a second place in Antholz to reach had been able. In the Gesamtweltcup it became 2004/2005 tenth.

In the season 2005/2006 it won so far its first three Weltcup running, once in the single, in the Sprint, and pursuit following on their victorious Sprint. With the olympic plays 2006 in Turin it won the silver medal for the first time in 7,5 km-Sprint and the gold medal in the mass starting competition over 12,5 km, delivered with olympic plays. Thus it is the first Swedish Olympiasiegerin in the Biathlon. She is trained as an in woman team by the German coach Wolfgang Pichler.


  • olympic winter plays:
    • 2006: 1x gold (mass start), 1x silver (Sprint)
  • world championships:
    • 2005: 1x silver (mass start)
  • Weltcupsiege:
    • 4 (conditions: 16. March 2006)

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