Anna Dogonadze

Anna Dogonadze (* 15. February 1973 in Mzcheta, Georgien) is a German Trampolinturnerin of Georgian origin.

Anna Dogonadze lives in Bad Kreuznach and trains with MTV Bad Kreuznach. She is by occupation a diploma haven teacher. Dogonadze possesses the German passport since 1998.

Their largest success was the olympia victory 2004 in Athens. It had had to accept four years before with Olympia in Sydney still after a fiebrigen cold dropping back of the first place in the Vorkampf to the respected place of the final.

further ones of successes

  • World Games Siegerin in the synchronous jumping with Jessica Simon than Partnerin 2005
  • Olympiasiegerin 2004
  • world champion 1998, 2001
  • Europameisterin 1997, 1998, 2000
  • German Meisterin 2000, 2001
  • German Synchronmeisterin 2001
  • German Mannschaftsmeisterin with MTV Bad Kreuznach 2002

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