Anna handle Grönemeyer

Anna handle Grönemeyer (* 9. March 1953 in Hamburg; † 5. November 1998 in London) was a German actress. It was married starting from the year 1993 with the singer and actor Herbert Grönemeyer. The two did not have themselves in the year 1978 during the turning work of the film “us are enough that” to know learned. Anna and Herbert Grönemeyer have two children, Marie and Felix.

The high point of their play career was the film 1900, in which it arose beside Robert DeNiro , Gérard Depardieu and Donald Suez ago country. It played the adult daughter of Gérard Depardieu and Stefania Sandrelli, the young Kommunistin Anita, which arranges slaughtering Suez ago country and Laura Bettis to end of the film and which negotiation during the process leads against Alfredo (Robert de Niro). In IO sono mia it played for the first time beside its falling nut/mother from 1900, Stefania Sandrelli, as well as Maria Schneider and Michele Placido.

Anna handle Grönemeyer, which had dedicated its man the song to Anna on the album total all the same (1982), died at cancer of the breast.


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