Anna Jakubczak

Anna Jakubczak (* 2. February 1973 in Zamość) is a Polish light athlete.

Jakubczak is a Mittelstreckenläuferin, whereby she prefers the 1,500 m distance. It participated over this distance so far in two olympic plays : Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. In Sydney them became sixth and sieved ones in Athens.

Fourth of the athlete IC European championship 1998 became with the athlete IC world championship 1999 in Sevilla already sieved. Their international career, which began in these years success-promising, did not flow in the following years however into successes with world championships. With the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki it became sieved again. Their personal Bestzeit over 1.500 m obtained it with 4.00, 15 minutes in the final of the olympic plays of Athens.


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