Anna Leopoldowna

Anna Leopoldowna, actually Elizabeth Katharina Christine (* 18. December 1718 in Rostock; † 18. March 1746 in Cholmogory to the Dwina) was as a large princess Regentin Russia from 1740 to 1741.

Anna Leopoldowna was a daughter Karl Leopolds of Mecklenburg and Katharina Iwanownas, a niece of the Zarin Anna Iwanowna. It accepted their name on the occasion of its crossing to the Greek-orthodox church in the year 1732 . In the year 1739 it was ground with the prince Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig (1714-1774). In the year 1740 it bore a son , who was determined of the Zarin on operation of her Favouriten Ernst Johann von Biron to the successor on the Zarenthron, in order to make for Biron possible thereby the regency for the person under age with Iwan.

After Biron however to 19. November by field marshal Münnich was fallen in agreement with Anna Leopoldowna, explained themselves these now under the title of a large princess as the Regentin during its son minority. It appointed Münnich first to the prime minister, zerstritt itself however soon with it, consequently it to 13. March 1741 its office laid down.

The Regentin showed up their position not grown, busy only little with the state affairs and conversed a Liebesverhältnis with the Saxonian diplomat Lynar. Soon a conspiracy with the goal, for the aunt Anna Leopoldownas and daughter of Peter of the large one, formed Elizabeth Petrowna, of providing the Russian throne. The conspiracy became at the night of 5. on the 6. December 1741 carried out, Elizabeth Petrowna mounted as Elizabeth I. the Russian Zarenthron, while Anna Leopoldowna was brought with her husband and her children first after Riga, banished then after Cholmogory to the Dwina. Here it died to 18. March 1746 with the birth of their fifth child. The unfortunate Zar Iwan VI. 1756 were brought after key castle and murdered there 1764. Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig followed their only 1774 in the grave.


  • Iwan VI. (1740-1764)
  • Katharina (1741-1807)
  • Elizabeth (1743-1782)
  • Peter (1745-1798)
  • Alexej (1746-1787)


  • Brückner the family Braunschweig in Russia (pc. Petersburg 1876).


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