Anna Magnani

Anna Magnani (* 7. March 1908 in Rome; † 26. September 1973 in Rome) was an Italian actress.

Born in poverty as a not-conjugal child it buildup with its grandmother in Rome. It appeared in night clubs as a singer, in order to survive as a student of the national play school in Rome. After the conclusion it followed a moving stage. It arose already 1928 in the silent movie Scampolo and into the 1930er years in various smaller films. Admits became it however only 1941 with the film Teresa Venerdi of Vittorio De Sica.

The break-through as an internationally celebrated new film star of Italy succeeded their 1945, as Roberto Rossellini to it the role of the Pina in Rome, open city gave, a masterpiece of the Neorealismus. From then on she worked only for the film and for all prominent directors of the 1950er and 1960er years.

1955 engaged it the US-American director Daniel man for the threshing floor lake Williams - adaptation the tätowierte rose. For its Portrait of the italo American widow Serafina depression rose beside Burt Lancaster Magnani won the OSCAR as a first Italian actress as a best Hauptdarstellerin. Two years later she still another further was nominated times for the OSCAR. It played the main role in George Cukors Melodram game is the wind.

It turned their last film 1972 under the direction of Federico Fellini in its Hommage to its hometown Roma. A film, which turned out also to the Hommage to the large Italian Charakterdarstellerin, which was gotten sick to film with cancer already at the time of the implementing. 1973 succumbed it to its suffering.


  • 1938 - Rivalin of the Zarin (Tarakanowa) - direction: Fjodor Ozep, Mario Soldati
  • 1941 - innocence ( Teresa Venerdi) fell in love - direction: Vittorio De Sica
  • 1943 - Campo de Fiori - direction: Mario Bonn pool of broadcasting corporations
  • 1944 - Närri quartet (Quartetto pazzo) - direction: Guido Salvini
  • 1945 - Rome, open city (Roma, citta aperta) - direction: Roberto Rossellini
  • 1945 - to the devil with the poverty (Abbasso la miseria) - direction: Gene aero Righelli
  • 1946 - the bandit (IL bandito) - direction: Alberto Lattuada
  • 1946 - to the devil with the wealth (Abbasso la ricchezza) - direction: Gene aero Righelli
  • 1947 - the drawing (Assunta Spina) - direction: Mario Mattoli
  • 1947 - delegate Angelina (L'onorevole Angelina) - direction: Luigi Zampa (A.M. also CO film script authoress is)
  • 1948 - Amore (L'Amore) - direction: Roberto Rossellini
  • 1948 - road fantasies (Molti sogni by la strada) - direction: Mario Camerini
  • 1949 - Vulcano (Vulcano) - direction: William Dieterle
  • 1951 - Bellissima (Bellissima) - direction: Luchino Visconti
  • 1952 - Anita Garibaldi (Anita Garibaldi) - direction: Francesco Rosi
  • 1952 - the golden body (La carrozza d'oro) - direction: Jean Renoir
  • 1953 - we Mrs. (Siamo donne) - direction of the 5. Episode with A.M. as Darstellerin: Luchino Visconti
  • 1955 - the tätowierte rose (The rose Tatoo) - direction: Daniel man
  • 1957 - fate of a nun (Suor Letizia) - direction: Mario Camerini
  • 1957 - game is the wind (game is the wind) - direction: George Cukor
  • 1958 - hell in the city (Nella città l'inferno) - direction: Renato Castellani
  • 1960 - the man in the queue skin (The fugitive child) - direction: Sidney Lumet (the Magnani at the side of Marlon Brando)
  • 1960 - thief from passion (Risate gioia) - direction: Mario Monicelli
  • 1962 - Mamma Roma (Mamma Roma) - direction: Jetty Paolo Pasolini
  • 1967 - larva in Italy (larva in Italy) - direction: Nanni Loy
  • 1969 - the secret of Santa Vittoria (The Secret OF Santa Vittoria) - direction: Stanley shopkeeper (with Anthony Quinn and Hardy Krüger)
  • 1972 - Fellinis Roma (Roma) - direction: Federico Fellini (Anna Magnani as an Anna Magnani)


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