Anna Maria Mühe

Anna Maria Mühe and Daniel Brühl with the premiere to which uses the love in thoughts (2004)

to Anna Maria Mühe (* 1985 in Berlin) is a German actress.

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Anna Maria Mühe is the daughter of the actors Jenny Gröllmann and Ulrich trouble.

She was discovered 2001 in a scene restaurant in Berlin Charlottenburg by the rain eating urine Maria von Heland. Trouble was invited from it to a Casting, with which around the main role into large girls did not cry went. Trouble played Kati, which must master together with its best friend Steffi in the film then.


Anna Maria Mühe received to 2. February 2006 the golden camera (Lilli Palmer & Curd Jürgens memory camera) as a best new generation actress.


  • 2002: Large girls do not cry (bend Girls Don't Cry) as Kati
  • 2003: Which uses the love in thought (Love in Thoughts) as Hilde
  • 2003: „Scene: Betrayed and sold “as Daniele Paulke
  • 2004: Dolphin summer as Nathalie
  • 2004: Abhaun! (Escape!)
  • 2005: The last battle as Doris Bober

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