Anna Sophie of Reventlow

Anna Sophie of Reventlow (* 16. April 1693 in Claus cross-beam; † 7. January 1743 in Claus cross-beam) was wife of the Danish king Friedrich IV. and from 1721 to 1730 Danish queen.

Anna Sophie of Reventlow, a daughter of Danish chancellor Conrad von Reventlow and Schwester von Christian Detlev of Reventlow, learned Friedrich IV. in 22 years know and fell in love 1711 on a Maskenball the older monarchs. One year later kidnapped it the king and the two closed 1712 a morganatische marriage. From now on Anna Sophie led the title duchess of Schleswig. It closed few days after the death of the queen Louise to 4. April 1721 formally the marriage with Friedrich IV. and to the queen one crowned.

Until today Anna Sophie Reventlow is the only Danish queen, who did not originate from fürstlicher family. The family Reventlow belongs to the Danish-German Uradel.


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