Anna Thalbach

Anna Thalbach (actually Anna Maria Joachim called Tahlbach; * 1. June 1973 in (east) Berlin) is a German actress.

Anna Thalbach was born 1973 in east Berlin into a theatre family inside. Their nut/mother is an actress Katharina Thalbach and her stepfather the author Thomas Brasch, their grandparents mütterlicherseits the actress Sabine Thalbach and the director Benno Besson. Their physical father is an actor Vladimir Weigl. 1976 placed their parents after the protest against the deprivation of citizenship of Biermann a departure request and moved to West Berlin. As a child it already stood in smaller roles before the camera. After the middle ripe one began Anna Thalbach first a Hospitanz in the Kostümschneiderei citizens of Berlin of the Schillertheaters, but she soon already celebrated also her first stage success at the side of her nut/mother in Brechtsnut/mother courage “.

Anna Thalbach lives with its daughter Nelly in Berlin.


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