Anne Wibble

Anne Wibble geb. Ohlin (* 13. October 1943 in Stockholm, † 14. March 2000 ebenda) was a Swedish politician (Folkpartiet liberalerna) and was from 1991 to 1994 Treasuries.


Anne Wibble

Anne Wibble was the daughter of the economist and politician Bertil Ohlin. She was formed as the Ökonomin and informed some years long at the Handelshochschule Stockholm. After some years as a woman employee of the parliamentary Kanzlei of Folkpartiet she was selected 1985 even in the parliament.

After the civil choice victory 1991 Anne Wibble Treasuries (it was first and is still the only woman in the history of Sweden, which dressed this office) in the government Carl Bildts became. She stopped their posts up to the realm tag elections 1994.

1995 stood as a candidate it for the post as a chairman of the party of Folkpartiet, lost however the tuning very scarcely. Until 1997 it maintained its seat in the parliament. In this year it became instead Chefökonomin of the Swedish trade association.


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