Anne de Brittany

Anne de Brittany (* 25. January 1477 in Nantes; † 9. January 1514 in Blois) was duchess of Brittany and queen of France.

Statue of the Anne de Brittany in the proximity of the entrance of the lock into Nantes

Anna, thosealso “the small queen” was called, was the only child of duke Franz II. Brittany and its second wife Margarete of Foix. Hereby she was heiress at this time of the practically independent duchy Brittany.

In December 1490 the German king at that time closed andlater emperors Maximilian I., a 31jähriger widower, with that scarcely 14jährigen orphan the marriage by procurationem. The French king Karl VIII. it succeeded however surprise-raidlike to let the marriage of the Pope, not carried out yet, cancel and to Anna to 6. December 1491 tooit marries with which Brittany fell in fact to the French crown. When Karl died 1498 without living male descendants, Anna of the new king became Ludwig XII. (1462-1515) married.

Altogether it bore 12 children, from those only two girls, in its two marriages Renée and Claude, which reached adult age. Claude married 1514 Franz of Angoulême, the later king Franz I. by France, and nut/mother of the king became Heinrich II.. Renée married the duke of Ferrara, Ercole II. d'Este, a son of the Lucrezia Borgia.

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from Anna's first marriage with Karl VIII. of France:

1. Karl Orlando, born to 10. October 1492, died to 6. December 1495

2. Karl, born to 8. September 1496 and died 2. October 1496

3. François, born and died in the year 1497

4. Anna,born and died in the year 1498

from their second marriage with Ludwig XII. of France:

1. Claude, born to 13. October 1499

2. Son, that right after its birth to 21. January 1503 died

? Stillbirth to 21. January 1509?

3. Renée, born in October1510

4. Son (stillbirth to 21. January 1513)

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