Anne de Montmorency

Anne de Montmorency, 1. Duke of Montmorency (* 15. March 1493 in Chantilly; † 12. November 1567 in Paris) was a French army leader, Pair, a marshal and a Connétable of France.


Anne de Montmorency
coat of arms signthe Anne de Montmorency

it is considered as one of the important French field gentlemen 16. Century.

Anne de Montmorency became with Franz I. educated and followed this with his campaigns to Italy. It fought 1515 in the battle with Marignano and defended 1521 with Bayard the city Mézières against the army of Karl V. In the battle of Bicocca 1522 it won the marshal staff, became however with Pavia 1525 with Franz I. imprisoned. In former times as this freely come, he muster everything in France for the release of the king and became for itfrom this with the Gouvernement of Languedoc and the title Grand maitre de France recompences.

With the resumption of the fight 1536 it hurried Karl V. with 60.000 men against and fought for the shining victory with Susa. With same luck it kommandierte in the Picardie and in Piemont and 1538 were raised to the Connétable. By its close relations with the Dauphin Heinrich, the king suspiciously become, he fell 1541 in disgrace and had up to the accession Heinrichs II.(1547) the yard avoid, however by this immediately one recalled and inits earlier were replaced.

With its attempt (1557), the pc. besieged by the Spaniards. Quentin to frighten, he lost the battle designated after this place, fell even into the hands of the enemies and set, in order to accelerate its release, the disadvantageous peace of Cateau Cambrésisthrough, that it around the confidence Franz II. brought; on the other hand it enjoyed again the favour of Karl IX.

After the notorious Triumvirat, which he had closed with the duke of Guise and the marshal Saint André, it supplied the meeting of Dreux to the prince with Condé (1562),where it became imprisoned. Already 1563 again released, he sold the Englishmen of Havre and struck Condé 1567 with pc. - Denis. It died at in this battle received the wounds two days later, at the 11. November 1567 in Paris.

Anne de Montmorency left five sons, ofto those in particular of two admits itself made:

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