Annemarie Boell

Annemarie Boell, geb. Cech (* 23. June 1910 in Pilsen, Austria Hungary, today Plzeň, Tschechien; † 15. November 2004 in Langenbroich) was a German translator.

Annemarie Boell, which became later woman of the writer and Literaturnobelpreisträgers Heinrich Boell, than Annemarie Cech in Pilsen born. Their father was a Czech lawyer, their nut/mother originated from the Rhine country. Their parents died early and them buildup with relatives in Cologne. 1942 married it Heinrich Boell. 1945 were born the son Christoph, which died however soon after the birth. 1947 were born its son Raimund, 1948 René and finally 1950 Vincent. Before she worked freelance as a translator, she was a teacher. In the postwar years the whole family of their teacher content lived. </br>

Most well-known their translations from the English are, so for example the best-seller of the Fänger in the rye (“The Catcher into the Rye”) of Salinger. Furthermore it translated works of Brendan Behan, Flann O'Brien, George Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Shaw, Saul Bellow, O. Henry and Patrick White. With a set of translations she co-operated with her man. Over the common translation work Heinrich Boell wrote 1956 to the publisher Witsch: „Which concerns the translation work (...) I makes it expressed gladly, it is a great style exercise (...). It is evenly only quantitatively a murder work; but is it like that that 90% of the work are really done by my wife alone. “

Annemarie Boell belonged 1987 to the founders of the Heinrich Boell donation and was since 1991 chairmen and jury member of the association house Langenbroich, which assigns scholarships to pursued artists.

In its last years she took part in the processing of the deduction of her man and in the publication of the Heinrich Boell Werkausgabe, which appear since 2002 in the publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch. Annemarie Boell died to 15. November 2004 at the age of 94 years.


partially under cooperation of Heinrich Boell

  • Brendan Behan
    • the man from tomorrow morning, 1958/59 (original: The Quare Fellow)
    • the hostages, 1958/59 (original: The Hostage)
    • the tension adjuster, 1966 (original: The Scarperer)
    • of confessions of an Irish rebel, 1978 (original: Confessions OF on Irish Rebel)
  • Charles of thickening
    • I - the Komödiant. The memoirs of the Joseph Grimaldi, 1983 (original: Note IR OF Joseph Grimaldi)
  • Eilis Dillon
    • the black foxes. The adventures of the four island children with the fox family, 1967 (original: A Family OF Foxes)
  • O. Henry
    • hostage of the Momus, 1974 (original: Hostages ton of Momus)
    • the rose of Dixie, 1974 (original: The rose OF Dixie)
    • the man over me, 1974 (original: The one Higher UP)
    • a defamed victim, 1974 (original: A Sacrifice hit)
    • fog in Santone, 1974 (original: A Fog in Santone)
  • Judith Kerr
    • as a Hitler the pink rabbit stole, 1973 (original: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit)
    • control rooms to the peace comes, 1975 (original: The OTHER Way Round)
    • a kind family meeting, 1979 (original: A Small person far Away)
  • Flann O'Brien
    • the hard life, 1966 (from the English, English. Title: The Poor Mouth, Irish original: At Béal Bocht)
  • Jerome David Salinger
    • short before the war against the Eskimos, 1961 (original: For Esmé - with Love and Squalor, and OTHER Stories)
    • the Fänger in rye, 1962 (original: The Catcher into the Rye)
    • Franny and Zooey, 1963 (original: Franny and Zooey)
    • raises the Dachbalken, carpenters. Seymour is introduced, 1965 (original: Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters. And Seymour at Introduction)
  • George Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Shaw
    • Cäsar and Cleopatra 1965 (original: Caesar and Cleopatra)
    • humans and superhuman, 1972 (original: One and Superman)
    • manual of the revolution acre, 1972 (original: The Revolutionist's Handbook)
    • the emperor of America, 1973 (original: The Apple Cart)
    • Mesallianz or wrong connected (original: Misalliance)
  • John M. Synge
    • a true hero, 1960 (original: The Playboy OF the Western World)
    • our fate is the sea, 1969 (original: Riders ton the Sea)
  • Patrick White
    • to the peace never came the tree of humans, 1957 (original: The Tree OF one)


  • Dieter bold: On the way to Annemarie Boell, Berlin 2000

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