Annemarie Marks skirt

Annemarie Marks skirt (* 7. December 1901 in Mannheim; † 8. August 2004 in Hamburg Eppendorf,) was a German actress and play teacher.

Annemarie Marks skirt created a private play school, which should form the core of the play department during the establishment of the national school for music and theatre in Hamburg 1940 together with her married man, the actor Eduard Marks. 1950 became this mechanism the university for music and theatre. Altogether over 30 years Annemarie Marks skirt at these mechanisms exercised the activity of a play teacher as Professorin. To their prominent pupils Ingrid Andree, Kirsten Dene, Peter Striebeck or Isabella Vértes Schütter, the former Intendantin of the seriousness German theatre Hamburg belong.

In film and television Annemarie Marks skirt was to be seen however only rarely, so as a nut/mother Benno Hoffmann in the pool of broadcasting corporations - to luck spiral and the TV serial trusting width unit home developed from it. Besides it borrowed its voice to numerous radio plays.

For its earnings/services to the culture life its 1996 became on the occasion of their 95. Birthday of the free one and Hanseatic city lent Hamburg the Biermann Ratjen medal.

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