Annette Schavan

Annette Schavan im Mai 2004 auf einer Wahlkampfveranstaltung der CDU in Biberach an der Riß
Annette Schavan in May 2004 on an election campaign meeting of the CDU in beaver oh at the tear

Annette Schavan (* 10. June 1955 in Jüchen) is a German politician (CDU).

It is since 2005 Federal Ministries for education and research and was of 1995 to 2005 minister for Kultus, youth and sport in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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training and occupation

After the Abitur 1974 at the Nelly Sachs - High School in Neuss completed Annette Schavan a study of the educating science, philosophy and catholic theology, which it terminated 1980. In the same year also their graduation took place to the Dr. phil. at the University of Duesseldorf with the work Person and conscience - studies to conditions, necessity and requirements of today's conscience formation. Subsequently, it was active as Referentin during the Bischöflichen study promotion Cusanuswerk and changed 1984 as a department chief for except-school education to the Generalvikariat in Aachen. After Annette Schavan from 1987 to 1988 Federal Executive Manager of the woman union was, returned her as a business guide to the Cusanuswerk and was from 1991 to 1995 also its chief.


Annette Schavan is not single and has children.

a party

from 1975 to 1984 was Annette Schavan local-politically inNeuss actively. So was it here among other things Chairman of the boys union.

Since 1996 it belongs to the CDU regional-level party council of Baden-Wuerttemberg and since November 1998 as deputy Federal leaders also the CDU Federal Administration.

Since December 2002 it leads the commission for the development new basic policy statement for thoseCDU in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Annette Schavan belonged up to nominating of IWF general manager Horst charcoal burner to 4. March 2004 to the possible candidates of union and FDP for the candidacy to the Federal President choice 2004.

After the announcement by Prime Minister Erwin devil in October 2004, with effectto April 2005 both to give up to want, Annette Schavan their requirements on both offices announced the office of the Prime Minister and the office of the CDU chairman of the party in Baden-Wuerttemberg. During a member questioning of the CDU of Baden-Wuerttemberg it reached however only 39.4% of the voices and pulled theirCandidacy back. Instead the federal state parliament party head at that time Günther Oettinger took over both offices of devil.


from 1982 to 1984 belonged it to the town councillor von Neuss.

From 2001 to their mandate resignation to 30. September 2005 was it member of the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Annette Schavan was selected in the constituency 14 (Bietigheim Bissingen) directly into the federal state parliament.

Since 2005 it is member of the German federal daily. Annette Schavan is as delegates of the constituency 292 (Ulm), selected directly with 48,7% the Erststimmen, into the Bundestag drawn in.

public offices

1995 Annette Schavan was appointed as a minister for Kultus, youth and sport into the federal state government led of Prime Minister Erwin devil of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In its term of office it introduced the Abitur after twelve years and foreign language instruction at primary schools.Under its term of office also an education plan reform was accomplished.

Schavan stands for a conservative society picture in. Criticized that it publicises the Christian evening country on one side, on the other hand the freedom of religion of other religions is tried to limit over detours. Like that in particular their role is disputed in the head cloth controversy. It refused 1998 to oneMuslimin the admission into the school service, because on it insisted with head cloth to inform. That led to a judgement of the Federal Constitutional Court, which called a legal regulation in. This law basis was decided for Baden-Wuerttemberg by the federal state parliament with broad majority. Because of its choice into the German Bundestag separatedit to 5. October 2005 from the office.

To 22. November 2005 was appointed it as Federal Ministries for education and research into the Federal Government led of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel.

social commitment

Annette Schavan was from 1994 to 2005 vice-president of the central committeethe German catholics (ZdK).


want honours 2002


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