Anselm weber

Anselm weber (* 3. October 1963 in Munich) is a German theatre director.

Already during its school time produced Anselm weber of plays, which it realized together with pupils and friends. After the Abitur (1983) it began 1984 photo Design training. 1986 he came as a Regieassistent to the residents of Munich of chamber plays, where he assisted director Dieter thorn and Hans Lietzau. In addition it was to season end of 2004/ 2005 the upper play leader of the theatre at the tower in Frankfurt/Main and worked on the play Bonn and on the German Schauspielhaus Hamburg. Since the season 2005/2006 he is director of the Grillo theatre in meals. In addition Anselm weber is active as a lecturer at the university in music and theatre in Hamburg in the subject play theatre direction.

important productions


  • 1990 - direction price of the Bavarian theatre days for its direction debut the Minderleister of Peter Turrini
  • 1992 - price for new generation direction of the German academy of the representing arts Frankfurt in the context of the assignment of the Gertrud Eysoldt ring
  • 2001 - Karl Skraup price of the Viennese of folk theatre for blood of Sergj Belbel


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