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Antal count von Festetics Tolna (* 12. June 1937 in Budapest) is a Austrian zoologist, behavior researcher, a game biologist, a Naturschützer and a forest scientist. A broader public is it than moderator of many years of the ORF - nature film series of game animals and we admit become.

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Festetics spent its youth years in Vienna, where it studied Zoologie. The pupil of Konrad Lorenz is joint founder of the WWF Austria and became admits by numerous nature films.

He is since 1973 university professor and director of the institute for game biology and hunt customer of the Forstlichen faculty of the University of Goettingen, starting from 1981 also a fee professor at the University of Vienna.

Antal Festetics used itself from the scientific point of view for the solution of ecological questions as well as for the kind and the nature protection . It was considerably involved in the establishment by protected areas and national park in Austria, Germany and Hungary.

1984 were Festetics of one of the prominent fighters against the power station in the shark citizens outer one. In the year 1996 in place of the planned power station the national park Danube Auen was created there.


the Austrian daily paper courier in August 2004 their readers after the 50 most important Austrians of the last 50 years also Festetics asked, belonged to honors Konrad Lorenz price.

writings (selection)

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