a Anthologie or bloom vintage (griech., of anthos = flower, legeïn = read, collect, speak) is a collection of selected texts of different authors, or a topic-referred composition from literary, musical or graphic works. Since brightistic time poem collections were called gladly Anthologie. A special form thatAnthologie is the reader.

The term has itself in 18. Century generally for collections of lyric poetry, Aphorismen, narrations etc. interspersed. There were compositions of Epigrammen however already in the antique one. In the brightism “Anthologie” became also a title for poem collections.

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Anthologien with main topic

usually are dedicated to Anthologien certain topic tables an emphasis. In addition there is a number of concrete possibilities:

short history of the Anthologien

first compilations of Epigrammen gave it already before the turn of an era - for instance the “wreath/ring “of the philosopher and poet to Meleagros of Gadera (70 v. Chr.and the Philippos of Saloniki. Based on them and that“Kyklos of the Agathias “(about 560) created the Byzantine theologian Konstantinos Kephalas around 900 one in categories geliederte Anthologie, which was often extended. The Heidelberger Codex Palatinus (lat. for Pfälzer handwriting) gave her the name Anthologia Palatina.

Likewise in Byzanz the human editedMaximos Planudes around 1300 the Anthologia Planudea. In the late Middle Ages collections of Latin Alltagslyrik developed like the Carmina Burana - a topic, which 1573 the French Altphilologe Joseph Justus Scaliger continued. By Erasmus of Rotterdam Anthologien received also didactical functions, like in the Sentenzensammlung Adagiorum Collectanea(1500). After 1700 unpublished poems of Benjamin Neukirch appeared, 1781 called Friedrich Schiller its poem collection Anthologie.

The fantastische literature received its compilation 1941 by Jorge Luis Borges, from the Frenchman André Breton comes the “Anthologie de l' humor Noir (1937), from walter Höllerer that“Lyrikbuch to the century center” (1956). Afterwards - with increasing interest and prosperity of the readership - most diverse Anthologien developed, of which some down as Web left aforementioned are.

Greek one to “free” Anthologie

that contains, leaves the Greek synonym for “bloom vintage the word trunk Logos multiple interpretationsthe artistic selection methods treated here too. For antique scientists the “Logosgoes the far over meaning o.e. legeïn outside - see with Heraklit, Platon or with the Johannes Prolog: it can except word and speech also thought and term mine, as well as report, Proof, explanation etc. Also with God and universe the Logos is equated.
If now Greeks or later Eklektiker “submit” a selection of the most beautiful blooms (bloom vintage, Anthoi put in), then can this - also completely wörlich taken - from prosaical one and dear poems over sarkastische sayings and philosophical Aphorismen up to the interpretation of screen end art is enough.

By Internet a rather banal development initiates itself here: numerous initiatives organize competitions for hobby writers, and under „Anthologie “each search machine shows a multicolored literary mixture. Thus even ‚bloom vintages are', ofTo poems and stories only one person tell.

In contrast to this the annual Anthologien of several publishing houses invites also to the free participation, takes up however only the best contributions to the book . In both cases the contributions become usually in categories such as lyric poetry, Prosa, crime film, Kurzgeschichten, Erotism, satire etc. arranged.

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