Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain (* 25. June 1956 in New York, NY, the USA) is an US-American cook and author.

The französischstämmige Anthony Bourdain enjoyed training as the cook at the renowned Culinary of institutes OF America after its attendance at the Vassar college in Poughkeepsie (New York). After different stations in New Yorker restaurants leads it the French Brasserie Les Halles today there. Beside a row on the American television it published several books, which are however essentially no example books, but detective stories and factual reports.

In its reports from the American and international cook scene he describes indiscretely background daily cooking for strange humans - also things, sometimes which a guest does not want to know. Also in its novels, which always in the cook scene play, the work in the kitchen is entmystifiziert and the hard world of the catering trade is drastically shown in particular in New York.

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  • New York City's Supper club
  • One Fifth Avenue, New York
  • Sullivan's, New York
  • Brasserie Les Halles, New York


  • Gaumenkitzel (Bone into the Throat, 1995), ISBN 3-442-44244-3
  • with the next murder becomes everything differently (Gone Bamboo, 1997), Goldmann publishing house, ISBN of 3-442-44245-1
  • confessions of a kitchen boss - which you wanted to never know about restaurants (Kitchen Confidential, 2001), ISBN 3-89667-166-9
  • Typhoid Mary: To Urban Historical, 2001, Bloomsbury, ISBN 1-58234-133-8
  • a kitchen boss travels around the world - on the hunt for the perfect benefit (A Cook's route, 2002), Goldmann publishing house , ISBN
  • 3-442-45587-1 I cook Blessing publishing house, ISBN 3-89667-211-8 murder after prescription ( The Bobby gold Stories,
  • 2002) in such a way - in the Les Halles, New York (Les Halles Cookbook, 2004), Blessing publishing house, ISBN 3-89667-269-X
  • The Nasty bit. Collected CUTs, Useable Trim, Scraps and Bones, 2006, Bloomsbury, ISBN 0-7475-7981-4

television broadcasts

Bourdains successful book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures into the Culinary Underbelly served as collecting main for a Sitcom of the U.S. Transmitter FOX. The role of the Jack Bourdain is based thereby only very superficially on Bourdains life history. Its book A Cook's route was realized in connection with a television broadcast of same name, which ran on Food network.

For the moment Bourdains current transmission Anthony Bourdain runs: NO reservation in the Travel Channel. In this transmission Bourdain travels this way and that around the world and presents the meal of the respective region and also the attitude of humans, who live there, to its meal.

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