Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn, eigtl. Anthony Rudolph Oaxaca Quinn, (* 21. April 1915 in Chihuahua, Mexico; † 3. June 2001 in bad clay/tone (Massachusetts)) was an US-American Filmschauspieler.

Anthony Quinns father franc, half Irish, fought in the Mexican revolution for Pancho mansion. Its nut/mother was a 15-jährige Mexican. When the father was considered as verschollen, the nut/mother traveled with the small Anthony illegaly over the American border and established themselves in close proximity to Hollywood . Here they met later again with franc, which worked as a cameraman in Hollywood, until it died 1927 with a car accident. Thereupon that only twelve-year-old boy Anthony had to also work for living costs and hired themselves in the next years among other things as newspaper boy, Schuhputzer, water carriers, window cleaners, slaughter house workers, bricklayers, Strassenprediger, Boxer and Zuschneider in a textile mill.

Its artist career began the 1.88 m large Quinn however not as an actor, but as a sculptor. Already with eleven years received it a price for a sculpture. Further he was an inspired saxophone player and created its own volume. Later it studied architecture with a scholarship with franc Lloyd WRIGHT. Both developed a personal relationship to each other, and Lloyd WRIGHT paid an operation at the tongue, which repaired a language error to the then seventeen-year old Quinn. Additionally to the operation Quinn got therapeutic language instruction, which aroused its interest in the looking plaything. Two years later it gave its theatre debut beside Mae to west in the play Clean Beds.

It began its career with the film with Nebenrollen, in which it represented usually Indians or Mexicans, so also in Cecil B. DeMilles Western hero of the prairie. While the turning work became acquainted with he Katherine DeMille , the adoptive daughter of the director. They married to 5. Octobers 1937, and had altogether four children, Christopher (* 1938; † 1941), Christina (* 1941), Katherine (* 1942) and Duncan (* 1945). The firstborn son Christopher came 1941 around the life, as he in the Swimmingpool of the actor W. C. Fields drowned. In the year 1965 the marriage became divorced.

Anthony Quinn in Viva Zapata! (1952)

In the year 1940 Quinn received the US-American nationality. Up to then it had already played in over a dozen films Nebenrollen. The famous father-in-law was him thereby no assistance, because it did not do anything, in order to support Quinn. Thus the actor far until the end of the forties with Nebenrollen in various films pierced itself. In the year 1947 the sheet began itself to then turn to its favour, when it took over the main role from Marlon Brando to at New Yorker Broadway the specified play last stop longing. Elia Kazan gave a Nebenrolle in the film Viva Zapata to the new theatre star!, where it at the side of Marlon Brando played and a OSCAR as best Nebendarsteller got.

Now ascended Quinn fast to the leading actor , played in Italy for Federico Fellini in the film La Strada - the song of the road the Schausteller Zampano and later in Vincent van Gogh - a life of full passion the painter Gauguin. For this role he received his second OSCAR.

1958 tried Quinn then as a director in the film king of the Freibeuter, a Remake of the Freibeuter of Louis IANA, which its father-in-law had turned twenty years before, with itself in a Nebenrolle. The film was a large flop and Quinn tried since that time never again as a director. 1964 played Quinn in Michael Cacoyannis film Alexis Zorbas the wise agricultural worker and life artist Alexis SORBAS. With this role Quinn was identified at most and it later became for nearly all roles, which Quinn should still play later, the prototype. 1985 it returned even in the Zorbas - musical for a successful season on the stage of Broadway .

1966 married Quinn his second Mrs. Yolanda Addolori, with which he up to 19. August 1997 was married. From this marriage three children originate - Francesco, Daniele and Lorenzo.

Quinn wrote several books, among other things he published 1972 its memoirs under the title the fight with the angel. Further it was successful also as painters, sculptors as well as designers of decoration and clocks.

With Kathy Benvin (* 1961), its former secretary, with whom he was from 1997 to his death in June 2001 together, it had still two children - Antonia (* 1994) and Ryan (* 1996).



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