Anthony Wilding

Anthony Wilding (* 31. October 1883 in Opawa, New Zealand; † 9. May 1915) was a tennis player of New Zealand.

It won 8 titles , four titles in the single and four titles in the double as well as Norman Brookes and Josiah Ritchie from 1904 to 1914 in Wimbledon altogether. In the year 1909 it won also the Australian open in the single. In the Daviscup it was active for Australasia.

Wilding had purged also to the fast motorcycles and cars. Thus it tourte with the motorcycle by Europe, in order to participate in the large tournaments. Briefly before outbreak of the First World War it made its pilot light.

In its youth Wilding operated several kinds of sport. Like that it was a good Jockey and a outstanding Kricketspieler. In connection with the tennis he came 1902 at the University of Cambridge.

Due to its athletic figure and its blue eyes he was the first woman swarm in the tennis sport.

To 9. May 1915 fell Captain Anthony Wilding in Flanders at the age of 31 years in the service of the British army.


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