Antoine Adolphe Marcelin de Marbot

Antoine Adolphe Marcelin de Marbot (* 22. March 1781; † 2. June 1844) was a French general.

Its father was a general Jean Antoine de Marbot (1754 - 1800). His younger brother Jean Baptiste Antoine Marcelin de Marbot (1782 - 1854) was likewise a general.


he became already in recent years a soldier. During the French revolution wars it was promoted to officer. Hernach was he an aide of Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, the later king Karl XIV. Johann of Sweden and in personnel union Karl III. Johann of Norway.

To be involved in the year 1802 it arrested, there one it accused in a Komplott of the republicans against the consulate. It was released, Napoléon Bonaparte continued to regard it however as an opponent of the existing rule.

After he did his service in Santo Domingo with the military, he took to 4. Coalition war (1806 - 1807) part. In the years 1808 to 1811 it was used in the war on the Pyrenees peninsula. During the Russia campaign 1812, the so-called patriotic war, he was wounded and determined as a prisoner of war. After two years shank it returned to France. 1814, during the rule of the hundred days he was an aide of marshal Davout. Immediately thereafter it was shifted into the retirement. Only 1830 it went again into action and became during the July Königtums under Louis Philippe general.


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