Antoine Faivre

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The philosopher and religion scientist Antoine Faivre hold a chair for the history of the esoterischen and mystischen movements of the modern times at religion-scientific Institut of the Sorbonne in Paris, one of the two chairs of this kind in Europe.

Faivre is considered as a founder of the Esoterikforschung and since 1962 numerous books about Esoterik and nature philosophy published.

work selection

  • Les Vampires. Essai historique, critique et littéraire. Paris, 1962.
  • Kirchberger et l' Illuminisme you DIX huitième siècle. La Haye, 1966.
  • Hit a corner-kind-lives et la théosophie chrétienne. Paris, 1969.
  • L' Ésotérisme outer xviiie siècle EN France et EN Allemagne. Paris, 1973.
  • Esoterik in the overview - secret history of abendländischen thinking. Freiburg in mash gau, Herder publishing house, 2001. ISBN 3-451-04961-9

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