Anton Wildgans price

the Anton Wildgans price of the Austrian industry is a literary award, which was donated 1962 by the Austrian combinationcombination combination. The price is endowed with 7.500 euro (since 2002 with 10.000 euro) and becomes from an independent jury (Dr. Brigitte Hamann, DDDr. Peter Marginter as well as Univ. - ProfessorDr.Wendelin Schmidt Dengler) at a writer or an authoress of the recent or middle generation with Austrian nationality, „its work the locking coronation/culmination to still expect leaves lent “.

The honor is dedicated to Anton game goose, „like few different the Austrian in its best sense embodied “. (Quotations outthe self-manifestation of the combinationcombination combination.)


1962: Fritz timber forests
1963: Fritz have-hit a corner
1964: Christine Lavant
1965: Andreas Okopenko
1966: Harsh ore Zand
1967: Thomas's Bernhard
1968: Ilse Aichinger
1969: Harsh ore iron realm
1970: Peter Marginter
1971: Inge-borrow brook man
1972: Milo Dor
1973: Barbara Frischmuth
1974: Ernst Hinterberger
1975: Christine Busta
1976: György Sebestyen
1977: Peter Henisch
1978: Wolfgang Kraus
1979: Matthias Mander
1980: Josef Winkler
1981: Friederike Mayröcker
1982: Ernst Jandl
1983: Jutta Schutting
1984: Peter Handke (rejected)
1985: Gerd Klaus Kaltenbrunner
1986: Briefly Klinger
1987: Inge Merkel
1988: Christoph Ransmayr
1989: Ilse Tielsch
1990: In the year 1990 from an award of the price one refrained, instead works of former winners purchased and to interested places - main university institutes for Germanistik - to states of east and South-east Europe in agreement with the Federal Ministry for foreign affairs dispatched. The industrythereby an indication of the cultural solidarity with these states wanted to set.
1991: Norbert reader
1992: Anna Mitgutsch
1993: Gert Jonke
1994: Brigitte Hamann
1995: did not lend
1996: Michael Kohl Meier
1997: Evelyn impact
1998: Franz Josef Czernin
1999: Peter Rosei
2000: Elizabeth kind of realm
2001: Vladimir Vertlib
2002: Ferdinand Schmatz
2003: Christoph William Aigner
2004: Hans Raimund

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